The Economicus Department is responsible for economic policy within the components of D.O.C.I.S. International. Overall, our policies guide our members with targeted information, instead of interfering and regulating.

For ecological purposes, we make a distinguishment between money for tangible spending and money for intangible spending. In the global economy, we regard to this currency as the Fangia. In local terms, we will for example be speaking of tangible Dollars and intangible Dollars, tangible Marks and intangible Marks, and so on. The way the ratio of tangible versus intangible is calculated for your money depends on your personal spending needs.

The Economicus Department in the Council consists of two Economici (one for tangible finance and one for intangible finance), who determine the policy for the concept just described, supported by three market analysts (one for tangible finance, one for intangible finance and one for both).

Beyond this, another component of the Economicus Department is the Planet Fang Financial Reserve, which can be considered the central bank of the organization. The Reserve is directly linked to the Executive Subcomponents and all members within the organization’s hierarchy. It is where, based on the policy of the counselors, prices and other things related to the value of money are calculated, and where members of the organization and their businesses keep their money, and it does their bookkeeping. Instead of having businesses do bookkeeping for the government, D.O.C.I.S. International does its bookkeeping for its businesses. In that way, we have a much clearer oversight of the resources we have available.

Though the policies of the Economicus Department have influence in all subcomponents, it is closest linked to FortunAgro.