This website currently functions as a showcase of the organization D.O.C.I.S. International aspires to be. The endeavor requires some explanation, for it introduces a new approach to world leadership. A rather concentrated one, for our philosophy is that it is better to have one good person determine the policy of any branch, than to let that decision be made by dozens of people whose philosophy and intentions are unknown. The organization greatly values trust and accountability.

When the authority of the organization becomes official, the constitutional freedoms you have will not change. Instead of the selective manner in which governments currently decide whether to abide the rules or act based on a creative interpretation driven by emotions, in our core it is fixed that we act based on rationale and not based on emotions. We strictly follow our effective policies, with clearly stated responsibilities and clearly stated accountability. If a policy turns out to be defective, we have quick processes available to solve that and inform our members (which is then “the public”).

Your constititional freedoms will not change (for the worse), but what will become different is the form in which the economic choices within one’s scope of freedom are made available. Money as an economic medium will stay, but the system that is used to determine the value thereof will change to one that is more in accordance with availability in nature and real contribution. We have intentions of creating better opportunities for economic growth. (Do not worry, what is yours will stay yours.)

We do not believe that disrupting rural nature for unreliable sources of (“green”) energy is sustainable. Instead, our focus is on adapting the amount of people who require energy such that the amount of fossil fuels and nuclear energy available (and perhaps some of the green) available are enough. In a similar fashion, we believe that all of our members deserve to have at least 100 square meters of personal living space and an area of quiet rural nature nearby. These are examples of the goals we intend to achieve.

This website serves to give more surface-level information on how to accomplish the endeavor, as information for our future members. The greatest strength of the organization is that its improvements to the quality of life, which are based on ideology, can be available to those who believe in them, while those who prefer their current political, legal and economic systems can keep their lives as usual. They will barely notice that we exist among them.